Repairing Damaged Body Work

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Taking Your Old Car to The Auto Wreckers: All There Is to Know

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Your old, unusable vehicle doesn’t have to rot away in your yard or sit in your garage forever. Many auto wreckers exist, and they take in old or wrecked cars for salvaging. They salvage recyclable materials from the vehicles and properly dispose of the unrecyclable components, ensuring no unnecessary materials end up in landfills. Therefore, unless you intend to revive your end-of-life vehicle, you can make some extra cash from it by taking it to the auto wreckers. Read More»

Proactive Steps for Easing the Panel Beating Process

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When involved in a minor fender bender or a head-on collision, you need the services of a panel beater. Professional panel beating services restore your car to its pre-accident condition. However, did you know that your actions immediately after an accident determine the effectiveness of smash repairs? Most motorists are not aware of the fact and end up complaining when the process encounters a hitch. This article highlights proactive steps you can take to ensure a smooth panel beating process. Read More»

A Guide On Engine Rebuilding

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Most people will dispose of their vehicles once they develop chronic engine problems. However, this should not be your case. Engine rebuilders are experienced mechanics that can restore an engine or improve its performance. Below is an article discussing the engine rebuilding process and how you can find an engine rebuilder to refurbish your engine.  What Does Engine Rebuilding Involve?  Unlike other car repairs, engine rebuilding can be a bit time-consuming. Read More»

3 Scenarios That Warrant Car Spray Painting

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When you first buy a car, it is difficult to get over the shiny gloss on its body. The gloss is achieved by high-quality spray painting done by professional auto painters. However, the glow fades, and a car body gets scratches and dents over time. Luckily, spray painting over the defects can help restore a car’s shine. That said, some instances might force you to spray paint a vehicle. Prolonged Exposure to Bird Droppings Read More»

FAQ about Paintless Dent Repair

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Professional paintless dent repair services are geared towards repairing unsightly dents on a vehicle following an accident. The procedure is affordable and only takes a few hours when performed by an expert. It gives your car a brand-new look and restores its value. However, before taking your vehicle to an auto body shop for these repairs, you need sufficient information about the entire process. With this information, you will be able to decide whether this is the right procedure for repairing your damaged vehicle. Read More»

Must-Know Facts About Front End Car Collision Repairs

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A front-end car collision might call for major repairs, especially if the accident affects a car’s critical components, such as an engine, transmission and driving system. Most front-end car damages require professional repair services to restore a vehicle into optimal shape. In this regard, a DIY repair project is not recommended if you don’t have the skills, tools and equipment for the job. Read on to learn more about front-end collision and smash repairs. Read More»