Repairing Damaged Body Work

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3 Scenarios That Warrant Car Spray Painting

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When you first buy a car, it is difficult to get over the shiny gloss on its body. The gloss is achieved by high-quality spray painting done by professional auto painters. However, the glow fades, and a car body gets scratches and dents over time. Luckily, spray painting over the defects can help restore a car's shine. That said, some instances might force you to spray paint a vehicle.

Prolonged Exposure to Bird Droppings

Not everything that comes from above is a blessing, and bird droppings are proof. Notably, some droppings are corrosive; therefore, when left to sit on a car's body for long, they cause significant damage to the paintwork. It mostly happens to people who leave their vehicles in the open for far too long. Therefore, when you find dry bird droppings corroding parts of your car, prepare the car for a minor spray painting job.

Non-Professional Car Washes

Today, there are numerous car washes around the country, which can be attributed to a high number of vehicles in the country. Notably, some automatic car washes use cloths while others use brushes. It essential to understand that neither is superior to the other, and their impact on a car's body depends on machine maintenance. For instance, the sand that the scrubbers and cloths carry during each car wash can turn a washing machine into sandpaper, scratching your vehicle's paint away. At first, you might not see the scratches, but the marks eventually become visible if you use the same car wash. When it happens, you need to spray paint the tiny scratches away. The good news is that you can use DIY auto paint aerosols on minor scratches.

Unwaxed Vehicle

Car experts advise motorists to polish their vehicles with auto wax after every wash if possible. Unfortunately, some motorists see it as a hassle and do not bother polishing their cars as recommended. However, if you do not wax your vehicle, you will be exposing the paint to direct sunlight and other elements. Over time, direct sunlight fades the paint, making your car look older than it is. Thus, you can try to regain the shine by waxing your vehicle. Otherwise, there is very little you can do other than spray paint your car if the damage is already done. Waxing is even more critical during the first few months after spray painting since it helps protect the upper coat, ensuring the gloss lasts long.