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Common Misconceptions About Windscreen Repairs

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A windscreen is one of those auto parts that lie in plain sight but are commonly forgotten by motorists. That is until a problem occurs and you need to repair the glass in order to use a car. Even then, some motorists consider specific blemishes minor to warrant sleepless nights. However, it is a dangerous move regarding windscreen maintenance and repairs. You should keep your car's windscreen in good shape and make timely repairs when necessary. That said, a windscreen repair is often surrounded by a few myths and misconceptions that might lead motorists to make the wrong decisions. This article highlights some of those myths.

No Need for Professional Services

This is perhaps the most common misconception in the auto world regarding windscreen repairs. It can be attributed to the ease with which motorists can get and use DIY windscreen repair kits. The instructions on the kits are typically straightforward and user friendly, which is where the problem often lies. However, the fact that you can fill a chip or crack using a DIY repair kit does not mean you are out of the woods yet. There could be structural problems around a windscreen that might negate your repair efforts. For instance, a crack caused by a golf ball or hailstone could weaken a windshield, but you might not know that if you take care of the blemish right away. Besides repairing a crack or a chip, a qualified technician will inspect an entire windscreen and ensure no hidden issues exist.

A Chip is a Chip

Chips are often caused by flying debris hitting a windscreen while driving. Unfortunately, most motorists think all chips are the same and should not be treated differently. However, nothing could be further from the truth because chips vary in their characteristics. The most common types of windscreen chips include Bullseye, Half Moon, Star Break, Combination, Edge Crack, Stress Crack, Chip and Floater. If you cannot identify such types of chips, the chances are high your repairs will be ineffective. Since a professional technician can easily identify the chip on your windscreen, they can repair it effectively and prevent major issues down the road.

Windscreen Repair Raises Insurance Rates

Theoretically, most insurers do not mind increasing their rates after customers make a claim. However, no insurance company would hike their rates after making windscreen repairs, mainly because such claims usually involve smaller amounts of money. Notably, an insurance company doing it would have to contend with a public relations nightmare. Therefore, you do not have to ignore the tiny chip or crack on your windshield because insurance rates will not change.

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