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FAQ about Paintless Dent Repair

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Professional paintless dent repair services are geared towards repairing unsightly dents on a vehicle following an accident. The procedure is affordable and only takes a few hours when performed by an expert. It gives your car a brand-new look and restores its value.

However, before taking your vehicle to an auto body shop for these repairs, you need sufficient information about the entire process. With this information, you will be able to decide whether this is the right procedure for repairing your damaged vehicle. Here are three critical questions and their answers to get you started.

Does Paintless Dent Repair Get Rid of All Dents?

Professional auto body experts have the right skills to repair all types of dents using the paintless dent removal procedure. If your vehicle has small- and medium-sized dents, your auto body expert only needs a few hours to clear them completely.

However, deep and extensive dents might require some days to repair. So, when you take your vehicle for paintless dent removal services, your auto body mechanic will first assess the extent of damage and determine the most effective approach to use in order to eradicate the dents. 

What Makes Paintless Dent Repair the Best Strategy? 

Paintless dent removal is the best strategy for any car model. When performed professionally, it will not damage the original coat of paint on your car. Therefore, you will not need to repaint or apply a top coating on your vehicle after the procedure. It also means that your mechanic will not spend valuable time looking for an ideal paint to match your vehicle. Moreover, it will save you money in purchasing and applying the paint. 

How Long Does the Procedure Take? 

If the dents are few and less severe, a professional paintless dent removal specialist might only take a maximum of one day to repair the vehicle. However, they might take longer if the dents are deep and rampant. That's because such dents require more skilled procedures to ensure complete removal of the dents without damaging the other components of your car. During the initial assessment of the damage, your mechanic will give you the expected period the repair process will take.

If your vehicle has parking lot dents, hail dents, or any other type of dent, take it to an auto body shop for paintless dent repairs. The procedure is affordable, fast, and effective when you want to restore your vehicle's original appeal.