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Proactive Steps for Easing the Panel Beating Process

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When involved in a minor fender bender or a head-on collision, you need the services of a panel beater. Professional panel beating services restore your car to its pre-accident condition. However, did you know that your actions immediately after an accident determine the effectiveness of smash repairs? Most motorists are not aware of the fact and end up complaining when the process encounters a hitch. This article highlights proactive steps you can take to ensure a smooth panel beating process.

Call Insurer-Preferred Panel Beater 

Most insurance policies allow you to choose a panel beater or use an insurer-preferred repair shop, with most motorists selecting the former. That said, insurance companies have strict criteria on which smash repair shop qualifies to handle your car. Therefore, if your repairer does not meet the laid-down criteria, prepare for a back-and-forth tussle, which can delay the panel beating process significantly and waste your time. However, you do not have to worry about an insurer-preferred repairer. Your insurance company will likely only recommend the best panel beating services. By contacting an insurer-preferred repair shop, smash repairs can begin immediately.

Send Pictures/Video to a Panel Beater 

Before a panel beater begins working on your vehicle, they must assess the amount of work required. Some of the major issues a panel beater looks at during assessment are the extent of damages and components that need to be replaced. While they can do it once you take your car to a garage, most service providers prefer to make a preliminary assessment. It is possible to take videos or photos of your vehicle at an accident scene and send them to a smash repair service. In fact, most professional auto shops have online platforms where you can upload car pictures or videos for preliminary assessment. Doing it cuts the duration of a panel beating process significantly.

Choose Preferred Payment Option 

For minor dents and scratches, you can wait for the go-ahead from your insurer or opt to pay out of pocket. Your choice depends on your current financial position; however, if you decide to let your insurance company pay for repairs, be ready to wait longer. Making a claim takes time because of all the paperwork and bureaucracies involved. If your designated insurance agent is not available, you might have to wait even longer for works on minor repairs to begin. Informing a repair shop that you will pay out-of-pocket is better because it eliminates potential delays caused by insurance paperwork. Therefore, decide on your preferred payment choice immediately after you assess the damage.