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Taking Your Old Car to The Auto Wreckers: All There Is to Know

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Your old, unusable vehicle doesn't have to rot away in your yard or sit in your garage forever. Many auto wreckers exist, and they take in old or wrecked cars for salvaging. They salvage recyclable materials from the vehicles and properly dispose of the unrecyclable components, ensuring no unnecessary materials end up in landfills. Therefore, unless you intend to revive your end-of-life vehicle, you can make some extra cash from it by taking it to the auto wreckers. However, it would help if you kept a few things in mind before handing the vehicle over. Here is your go-to guide on what you need to know.

Inspect The Car Thoroughly to Remove Any of Your Personal Items

It's not uncommon to find valuable pieces of belongings in an old car, including jewellery, electronic devices, money, tools, insurance papers, and other crucial documents. Therefore, before you hand the car over to the auto wrecker, comb through every storage compartment, under your seats, and other crevices and remove any personal items.

Sell Valuable Parts Separately

Many auto wreckers will be more than willing to offer a better rate if your vehicle still has some valuable parts like batteries, alternators, starter motors, music players, tyres, and other quality parts. If you don't have the time on your hands to remove these items, this can be a good idea to give them the vehicle with them still in it. However, selling the parts separately may sometimes bring in more cash. Therefore, if you know where you can sell some of the valuable parts yourself, consider doing so. If you are unsure of the useful parts, you can have your mechanic inspect the vehicle for you.

Get Rid of The Non-Metal Components

Not all auto wreckers will accept your vehicle, complete with non-metallic parts. That's because generally, only the metallic parts are most usable and recyclable. While some auto wreckers may be willing to buy your car with all its non-metallic parts, they may agree to do so at a lower cost because of the labour involved to strip it down. Therefore, whenever necessary, strip down the vehicle on your own.

Go Local

Shopping around for a local auto wrecker may be ideal when it comes to transportation costs. Many auto wreckers offer free towing, but not all of them do. And in most cases, they may not be willing to tow freely if you live relatively far.

Get Your Title

You won't be able to sell your car to any auto wrecker if you can't prove your ownership. Therefore, it would be best if you had the valid title of your vehicle so you can use it to transfer ownership to the auto wrecker after the sale.

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