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What to Do When Someone Dents Your Truck

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Whether someone dents your truck while it's parked or while you're driving, it's normal to feel frustrated. Depending on the size of the dent, you may not need extensive truck repairs. However, it's always best to tackle the issue quickly. Here's what to do when someone dents your truck.

Get Their Details 

Unless you're completely happy with covering the costs yourself, try to get their details. If the accident happened while your truck was parked, they should leave a note. However, not everyone does so, which means you'll need to look for witnesses. There's a chance that nearby homes and businesses have CCTV, so always approach them asking for recordings. Being able to grab someone's license plate details is usually enough to find out the name of their insurance company.

Inspect the Damage

In cases involving very small amounts of damage, you may be able to tackle the issue yourself. Before you make any moves to do so, take photos. If it later transpires that self-repair measures aren't enough, you'll have evidence of the damage for your insurance company to work with. As well as taking photos, make a note of the conditions in the nearby area. Certain weather conditions can give insurance companies and repair teams a better idea of how the accident happened.

Small Repair Jobs

If the damage is limited and you feel confident doing so, you may want to try small initial repairs yourself. It's sometimes possible to tackle small scratches with scratch paint. Make sure you find a shade that's the right match first, though. You may also be able to use a handheld vehicle plunger to remove small dents. If you're having to put a lot of effort into doing either of these tasks, you'll likely need to use an auto body repair service. Additionally, you shouldn't try these tasks if you're underconfident.

Extensive Damage

When dents and scratches aren't small, don't risk making them worse. Always approach a professional to do the job for you. Large dents are especially likely to require professional attention. As you can't see the damage beneath the dent, you'll need a mechanic to assess whether any hidden structures are affected. In severe cases, it's sometimes necessary to replace doors, tow bars, and other areas of your truck's body. Getting a fix as quickly as you can is the best way to prevent more extensive damage while you drive your truck.

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