Repairing Damaged Body Work

How to Effectively Remove Rust Using Sandblasting

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Sandblasting is the best method to use when looking to clean a surface quickly and efficiently. If you are revamping your vehicle, sandblasting is the most efficient process you can use. You can remove any paint, chrome or rust when preparing to repaint your car. But if you do not carry out the process in the right way, it may damage the underlying metal. You need to understand a few essential tips that would help you remove rust in your car using a sandblaster. Read More»

How Can You Get Perfectly Matched Paint on Your Car Smash Repair?

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After a car smash, getting your vehicle roadworthy again is naturally your top priority. Whilst your smash repair shop can certainly get you back on the motorway, you might also be concerned about whether they can properly restore the cosmetic appearance of your car. The paint colour is often a particular concern since it must be quite precise to bring your car back to its pre-smash appearance. Mismatched paint on the repaired part of your car can make the entire car look awful, so it’s wise to prepare for success in the following ways. Read More»