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Compelling Reasons to Leave Auto Body Spray Painting to a Mechanic

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Vehicle maintenance and repairs are not a cheap investment. If you want your car to retain its pristine appearance while ensuring that it stays roadworthy, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money on servicing, improvements and smash repairs as needed. Therefore, when the paint job has chipped or has lost its lustre in its entirety, you could be tempted to simply invest in spray paint and carry out the new paint job on your own.

Although this will seem like the affordable solution at the outset, the reality is that DIY auto body spray painting could end up costing you more time and money that you are ready to spend in the long run! Rather than dive into this project blindly, check out the following compelling reasons why you should leave auto body spray painting to a mechanic.

Specialised techniques and equipment

If you have watched the process of vehicle spray painting at your local auto shop, it is highly unlikely that you witnessed the mechanic employing aerosols can for the process! Yet, a good number of motorists tend to presume that all they need to do is locate cans of spray paint that match the colour of their car for them to carry out a successful paint job!

A reputable auto shop will be equipped with specialised sparing equipment for this type of work to ensure a flawless finish. Moreover, the mechanic will be trained in various spray painting techniques to ensure that the task at hand is not only efficient, but that it is visually pleasing too! So if you do not want to drive around in an eyesore due to amateur spray painting, it is best to leave this job to the professionals.

Ideal working environment

The second reason why auto body pray painting should not be carried out by an untrained motorist is that you will be unable to create the right environment for this process to take place. Whether you choose to paint the body of your car out in your driveway or inside your garage, there is always the risk of dust and other airborne particles stocking onto the surface of the vehicle and this, in turn, leads to bubbling. In addition to this, without the right safety gear, you expose yourself and anyone closeby to breathing in the paint molecules, which is a health hazard. Not to mention the threat you are posing to the environment, more so if you are employing spray paint containing volatile organic compounds!

A reputable mechanic will not pose any risk to themselves, bystanders or even the final finish! Furthermore, they can use waterborne spray paint that will not pose any risk of contamination to the environment.