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How to Effectively Remove Rust Using Sandblasting

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Sandblasting is the best method to use when looking to clean a surface quickly and efficiently. If you are revamping your vehicle, sandblasting is the most efficient process you can use. You can remove any paint, chrome or rust when preparing to repaint your car. But if you do not carry out the process in the right way, it may damage the underlying metal. You need to understand a few essential tips that would help you remove rust in your car using a sandblaster.

Reduce the Mess

One thing you should know about sandblasting is that it is very messy. You cannot carry out the process without making a mess. But, you can reduce the amount of muddle created. The sand particles used in the process are tiny. Thus, it is easy for them to get into small cracks. These sand particles can stay there for years without you discovering them. For you to prevent any sand particles from getting into your vehicle, tape off most of the areas you can reach. 

Prevent Metal Warping

When the car metal is exposed to pressurised sand for long, it will warp. Sand particles hitting the metal create friction. That leads to the creation of heat. A metal exposed to heat will end up expanding outwards. It is not easy to notice the warping of the metal when sandblasting. You will only see the warped metal after you complete the process. Though the rust on the motor is removed, you will now have to deal with a new problem. The best way to avoid metal warping is by sandblasting one spot for only a few seconds. Allow the area to cool down before you can begin sandblasting again. 

Use the Nozzle Spray in an Angled Position

A common mistake people make when sandblasting is pointing the sand directly on the rusted surface. Though the rust will clear off, it will take a long time. It is best to angle the nozzle when you are using a sandblaster. Rust usually forms peaks and valleys; it is not even. When the nozzle is at an angle, you can get rid of the peaks and valleys from the side. That is the fastest way to wear the rust down. 


Sandblasting is beneficial when your car needs a makeover. For you to get the best results, it is best to allow the professional to handle the task. They have more experience dealing with sandblasters. Thus, they are less likely to make costly mistakes.