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How to Restore Your Vintage Land Rover

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Do you have an old land rover in your garage? Could be you have a series that no longer runs. Land rover restoration projects are fun since you have a wide range of restoration options. Besides, the vehicles fetch a reasonable price in the car market. Below is a guide on how to restore your land rover.

1. Set the Intended Use and Scope of Restoration

How do you envision your project? Land rovers can be restored as daily drives, Concours projects, daily drives, show cars, or off-road machines. For instance, if you have a long-wheelbase, you could convert it into a double cabin pickup truck. Short-wheelbase land rovers could have an open roof. However, these vehicles have limited use since they cannot be used in rainy conditions. For a concours project, you would want the car in its original state.  

Create a detailed document describing the restoration works. For instance, will you swap or rebuild the engine? Could be you want to convert the vehicle from 4 to 5 speed. This list will help you create a budget for your project. Besides, it will help you know whether the project is DIY or you will need an experienced mechanic. Restoration projects take time. As such, you could start purchasing parts before taking the vehicle apart.  

2. Perform Body Restoration

Strip the vehicle to remove the engine, transmission, exhaust and interior components. Inspect it for signs of rust and frame damage. You may need to conduct rust treatment, replace the frame or body panels if the vehicle has extensive damage. Sandblasting and chemical stripping are effective ways to remove the vehicle's paint. Proper preparation is the secret to an excellent paint job. Apply a thin layer of filler on dented body panels. Sand the surfaces to ensure they are in line with the original body panels. You should then apply primer and glazing to prepare the surface for the undercoat, paint, and clear layers. The vehicle should be repainted in a shed to prevent dust particles from contaminating the paint. 

3. Upgrade the Engine

If you would want to upgrade your engine, conduct some research to know engines that are compatible with the model of your vehicle. Engine rebuilding is an excellent choice for people that would want to keep the vehicle's original motor. It involves crankshaft turning, replacing the injectors, spark plugs, alternator and ignition coils. Check the functionality of the electrical and cooling system. Finally, change the engine oil, air, oil and fuel filters.

You should now have an easy time rebuilding your old land rover. For more help, contact services that provide auto body and paint options for land rovers