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How Can You Get Perfectly Matched Paint on Your Car Smash Repair?

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After a car smash, getting your vehicle roadworthy again is naturally your top priority. Whilst your smash repair shop can certainly get you back on the motorway, you might also be concerned about whether they can properly restore the cosmetic appearance of your car. The paint colour is often a particular concern since it must be quite precise to bring your car back to its pre-smash appearance. Mismatched paint on the repaired part of your car can make the entire car look awful, so it's wise to prepare for success in the following ways.

Choose the Right Car Smash Repair Provider

Whether you've got a preferred repairer policy (you select your own repair provider) or an insurer's repairer policy (your insurance provider gives you an approved list of repairers to choose from), you should reach out to multiple providers to ask questions. Inquire about their auto paint system and how it works for colour matching.

Today's most advanced auto paint mixing systems are entirely computerised and can combine a variety of custom colours to give you the perfect match. Make sure your repair specialist uses the most state-of-the-art auto paint system equipment and that the technicians are fully trained in its use. With the right provider selected, you need to do just one more thing to help them use their high-tech paint mixing system to peak effect: get the auto specs.

Obtain Auto Specifications From the Manufacturer

To help your car smash repair provider select the right starting point for paint colour customisation, give them the original specifications from the auto manufacturer. This is usually in the form of the auto manual. If you don't have your original auto manual, reach out to the closest auto dealership that specialises in your type of vehicle to request a replacement. Alternatively, you might be able to locate your car's specifications online. 

This is important because the majority of auto manufacturers today apply several layers of paint, each with unique characteristics that can impact the final colour. The slightest variation in paint ingredients can impact the shade far more than you might imagine, so having the exact specifications is crucial to achieving the best results. 

Whilst it's stressful and frustrating to need auto body and paint work after a car smash, you can relax and even anticipate your new-looking car when you choose the perfect paint provider. Speak with local repairers today to learn which can make the perfect colour match.

For more information, contact local car smash repair professionals.